Month: February 2020

Indian data leaks of 2020

Some of the data breaches of 2020 that affected users in India.

  1. Credit card details put up for sale on dark web: The records of nearly half a million payment cards of Indian banks are being sold for $9 apiece on the Joker’s Stash, one of the most popular underground cardshops, Singapore-based cybersecurity company Group-IB has warned.

  2. No. of Victms 422m Link to view full Story
  3. BGR India’s data hacked: Actor dumps the MySQL database of (@BGRIndia) a huge Indian tech news site! 2,000,000 monthly visitors, @BGR 11,650,000 monthly visitors! Hacked due to exposed s3 AWS bucket. Usernames, emails, passwords and more. Full SQL backup.

  4. No. of Victms 36K Link to view full Story